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This Brisbane Estate Wants To Change Suburbs

Cannon Hill trumps Murarrie for this housing estate.

Locals of Park Hill in Murarrie applied to have the estate absorbed into the neighbouring suburb of Cannon Hill.

However their bid was knocked back.

The residents say this isn’t the end of their fight for the border change.

Talking to Brisbane Times, Darrell Ballard from the Park Hill Action Group said the current boundaries don’t make sense.

“There’s a dog-leg around our estate, which takes us into Murarrie from Cannon Hill, and still to this day no-one can explain why it was done that way.

“And the secondary issue was the historical value – the site was known as the Cannon Hill saleyard, so it was a cattle yard where they’d take the cattle across to the abattoir.”

The median house price jumps $100,000 from Murarrie to Cannon Hill according to Domain.

Ballard says the difference wasn’t the group’s motivating factor.

While the Department of Natural Resources and Mines knocked back the application, the move is being supported by their local councillor.

Cr Ryan Murphy (Doboy) says residents originally bought into Cannon Hill and want to be part of that community.

“Everyone, when they bought their houses there in the early 2000s, was buying into Cannon Hill and when the area was plan sealed, the suburb became Murarrie so residents have been calling on the state government for years to reverse that change and give them the suburb they bought in to,” he said.

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