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There Is Some AWESOME News For Costco Shoppers!

One of the world’s biggest retailers is looking to get its bragging rights back as it aggressively challenges Coles and Woolworths.

Costco has revealed that it is 27 per cent cheaper than Coles and 24 per cent cheaper than Woolworths according to a 27-product basket of basic household items.

However, the price gap had narrowed from 37 per ent, thanks to the price cuts Woolies and Coles had made.

Costco Australia Managing Director Patrick No-one said that Costco was 28 per cent cheaper based on other studies, but they are working ‘a bit harder to get to 30 per cent," he said.

Noone said that even though Woolies had spent nearly $1 billion on cutting prices over the last 18 moths, it had had no effect on Costco at all.

A Woolworths spokesman said, "We're a house of brands committed to providing our customers with great quality products at great value both in-store and online."

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