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There Is Some Absolutely Horrific News For Shopping Centres

The Age is reporting that Australian’s are deserting shopping centres and it's happening very quickly.

The number of shoppers heading to their local outlets have decreased by 4.4% this year alone, compared with 2016. 2016 was also weaker than 2015, as the arrival of winter was late.

The Australian Retail Index has shown the foot traffic has dipped massively, especially in mid-January and stayed there until mid-March but instead of getting better, it got worse in mid-April.

Early-May has seen an increase, however, with traffic up by 8.2 per cent.

The index was produced by ShopperTrak, which installs devices that monitor foot traffic at more than 2,500 sites across Australia.

The brands that use the system are anonymous. The figures are then used to by the retailers to improve their sales conversion rates.

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