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The Rental Clause That Could Cost Aussie Tenants Big Time

Real Estate agents in Australia have introduced an ‘Airbnb’ clause which will catch tenants out if they secretly try to advertise their rental as a sublet on the site.

The clause has been enforced to combat landlords fears for property security.

Airbnb, a house sharing site which currently has over 300 properties listed in Melbourne, told ABC News: “all people including renters and owners, should have the right to share a home.”


Candice Deane, a Melbourne property manager told the MailOnline that the ‘Airbnb clause’ she uses in rental agreements states tenants must not use the site without permission from the Landlord.

She cited a specific experience the property agency had with letting an apartment to a single woman, who rented it out as a serviced apartment through Airbnb without the landlord’s consent.

After searching on the accommodation booking site the real estate agency discovered the ad and asked the tenant to leave. 

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