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Brisbane’s “Slum Landlord” Ordered To Pay Up

If you live on Brisbane’s northside, you may be familiar with some of these dilapidated properties.

The eight homes are owned by Edward ‘Ted’ Amos, who is also known as the “slum landlord”.

Now the 75-year-old has been ordered to pay up after failing to pay council rates for the homes.

After Brisbane City Council took him to court, Amos’s bill for the eight properties totals $807,148.28.


It includes interest on the rates bills he failed to pay.

According to the Brisbane Times, Amos tried to argue the council’s rates notices were invalid.

He claimed the due dates were “one day too early” based on his understanding of the 1954 Acts Interpretation Act.

However the court found otherwise, ruling in council’s favour.

The Courier Mail has previously reported on multiple disputes between Amos and his tenants.

One family were told to pay up $2000 in damages by Amos, which was later denied by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal who found the property was unfit for lease.


They also claimed he “created an environment of intimidation” against “desperate” tenants.

Council called the same property “dilapidated and infested with vermin”.

However, another long-term tenant said Brisbane needs “more people like Ted” to provide cheap inner-city accommodation.

“A slum’s better than nothing. It’s a roof over your head,” he said.

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