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Your Weekly Horoscope Week Beginning 1st May

The Thinkergirls resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What's in store for your sign this week?


A brilliant new idea, a lightbulb moment or a flash of insight will inspire an image change. A visit to the hairdresser or a winter wardrobe update are all on the cosmic cards this week.


You’re ready to unleash a new side of you this week. Bold confidence and an independent spirit will help spur you forward toward your most wanted desires.


A sudden change of plans will keep you on your toes this week. Friends or you’re your lover may be hard to pin down, suggesting you need to change your approach.


An out-of-the-blue job offer could come out of nowhere this week. You’re attracting all that you desire in your career right now so use this energy to your advantage.


Not your most productive or energetic week. Dreamy Neptune blows your mojo, but your creative output will be high. Be inspired by your intuition.


Exciting developments or a bright new idea can get things moving financially. If you’re looking to negotiate an awesome deal, the stars align this week.


A sudden change in direction in your relationship is possible this week. Remain adaptable to possible changes in plans as a surprise is in store for you.


Action planet Mars in your debt sector will bring your attention to your bills, loans and debts. Although this is a situation you’d rather avoid, it will be for your own benefit if you don’t.


Passion planet Mars fires up your bae sector until early June. This can fire things up for the better, and also for the worst. Pay attention to the details, your lover wants you to listen.


A sudden change in plans regarding your home situation may leave you in a tail spin. Remain flexible and open to new ideas. With sweet Venus in the mix, it will work out better for you in the long run.


The element of surprise will help you iron out any kinks or misunderstandings with anything to do with emails or SMS this week. A charming approach will make you impossible to resist.


New tactics with cash will pay dividends under a Mercury/Uranus link. Be open to new ideas, especially those that involve technology that can help boost your income.

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