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Australian Woman Plans To Use Dead Boyfriends Sperm

A young woman who harvested her boyfriend's sperm after his death is set to ask a court to allow her to start the family ‘he always wanted’.

Joshua Davies from Toowoomba, died suddenly last year and it forced his girlfriend Ayla Cresswell to ask a court if she keeps his sperm as a viable option.

Ms Cresswell, who is now 24, will continue her legal bid to win permission to start a family-of-three that her and the bricklayer had always dreamed of, according to to the Courier Mail.

The couple had planned to marry and start a family before Ms Creswell was forced to act quickly in the hours after her boyfriend's death.

Rushing the matter before the courts, she was given permission by Supreme Court Justice Martin Burns to have Mr Davies' 'testes and any spermatozoa' harvested. 

'Joshua told me that he was very excited at the prospect of being a father, and we often talked about having children, and the effect it would have on our lives,' Ms Creswell told the court last year.

It is my honest belief that this is what Joshua would have wanted.'

Her lawyer David Riwoe said the matter would likely go before the courts in July.  

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