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We Just Found Something Even Better Than Dr Pimple Popper

This is a safe place. You don't have to feel ashamed of your pimple popping addiction here. We understand.

You're home.

Which is why we know how much you're going to appreciate it when we tell you that not only have we found the new Dr Pimple Popper, we firmly believe that Dr Neel Raithatha is better than Dr Sandra Lee.

Believe us when we say that no blackhead extraction will provide you the same satisfaction as one of Dr Neel's instant classics, and no cyst removal will cause you to make a disgusted face quite like Dr Neel can.

Because Dr Neel Raithatha is the man behind The Hear Clinic, and his speciality is ear wax removal.

And he is GOOD; armed with a teeny, tiny camera and a little ear vacuum cleaner, Dr Neel carefully and methodically and patiently digs DECADES worth of built-up gunk from people's ear canals.

Sometimes he has to use a mini spade thing and, on occasion, he's forced to drizzle in some olive oil to really loosen things up.

But Dr Neel always, always leaves behind a squeaky clean inner ear.

Dr Neel is our new hero - and he'll be yours too.

Check out our current favourite, simply titled "Dark Brown Ear Wax Removed From Ear Canal" below and then set aside two hours for the YouTube hole you're going to be sucked in to.

You. Are. WELCOME.

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