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These Triplets Are Overcoming Their Rare Birth Defect

Adorable triplet boys in the US have been born with craniosynostosis, a rare birth defect affecting brain development.

Doctors noticed something unusual weeks after the boys were born. The condition which causes the plates of the baby’s skull to fuse together prematurely, affect 1 in 2,500 babies. However, the likelihood of it happening to a set of triplet is one in 500 trillion, according to CBS New York.

At just 11 weeks of age Hunter, Jackson, and Kaden were operated on at the Stony Brook Children's Hospital to open up the fused seam in their skulls.The operation went smoothly and the perfect little patients were able to leave hospital after just 2 days.

Now, the triplets wear custom-made orthotic helmets up to 23 hours a day that help to mold their skulls as they grow. 

"It took them a little bit of time to adjust, but they don't give me any problems taking [the helmets] off or putting them back on at all," mum Amy told Today.

Such little troopers!



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