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The One Exercise That Is Guaranteed to Be Bad for You

New research reveals that doing yoga could, in fact, be doing more harm than good for you.

According to Professor Evangelos Pappas, of Sydney University: 'Yoga may be a bit more dangerous than previously thought.

'Our study found the incidence of pain caused by yoga is more than 10 per cent per year – which is comparable to the rate of all sports injuries combined among the physically active population. However, people consider it to be a very safe activity. This injury rate is up to 10 times higher than has previously been reported.'

Yoga is designed to increase strength flexibility and breathing through a series of postures and movements but the study in the US has found that it may be causing the same kind of pain it is trying to ease.

Prof Pappas said: 'While yoga can be beneficial for musculoskeletal pain, like any form of exercise, it can also result in musculoskeletal pain.'

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