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Taking THIS Vitamin Daily Can Reportedly STOP Colds And Flu

Nobody likes having a cold or flu and now we’ve discovered one single vitamin that could stop you from ever getting sick.

New research says that taking vitamin D tablets daily or even weekly can help protect against the cold and flu and can be as effective as a flu vaccine.

Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones and can also support your immune system, preventing illness.

But the benefits just don’t end there. Research from The British Medical Journal also claims that taking vitamin D can also protect against respiratory infections. 

The common cold is the most widespread respiratory tract infection, and the study found that vitamin D could prevent respiratory infections by at least 12 per cent.

Results of the study match up with common sense – colds and flue are most prevalent during winter, when the sun’s levels of vitamin D are at their lowest. Aha! 

So basically, a vitamin D tablet a day, keeps the doctor away!

Source: news.com.au

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