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Woman Threatened By Shop Security After Bottle Feeding Bub

Okay - so we can (sort of) rationalise why people may be offended (read: feel embarrassed / self conscious) when seeing a new mother breastfeeding in public.

But this takes things to a whole new level. 

Stockland Shellharbour in New South Wales have been called out after a security officer directed a woman who was bottle feeding her newborn nephew to the parent's room. 


A disgruntled grandfather wrote to the shopping centre on Facebook, making clear his thoughts on the matter. 

"Dear Stockland Shellharbour, I am absolutely disgusted in the attitude of your security guards," the post began. 


"My Granddaughter was bottle feeding her sister's baby, outside of KMart, when she was approached by security personnel, and instructed to move to the parents room, as it maybe upsetting for some shoppers to see her.

"She was BOTTLE FEEDING her nephew.

"When she refused to move, she was threatened by the security "person", that if she did not move, Police would be called.

"Great customer relations, Stockland."

And according to the huge social media response and comments, it isn't the first time it's happened, either. 

To be honest, we'd kind of like to know what the Police would do if they did attend the scene...

Stockland have responded to the matter to apologise about the miscommunication and emphasise that their shopping centres are family friendly environments. 

“Stockland Shellharbour is a family-friendly shopping centre and we absolutely support and welcome breastfeeding and bottle-feeding of infants in all areas of all Stockland shopping centres nationally," a spokesperson said. 

"We have spoken with the family and have apologised for any miscommunication that occurred in relation to this matter. We understand that the security contractor wanted to let the customer know that a parent’s room was available in the centre, in case she wasn’t aware.

"Stockland takes customer complaints like this very seriously and as always, we encourage our customers to report any complaints to centre management.”

The original poster has also replied after being contacted by the shopping centre directly. 

We're glad to hear that it is not common practice and that Stockland are family-friendly!

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