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Mum Of Stillborn Son Does One Utterly Amazing Thing

When Wendy Cruz-Chan gave birth to her stillborn son, she wanted to turn her heartbreaking tragedy into hope. 

Wendy was 19 weeks pregnant with her son when she suffered a rare uterus infection that caused her child to be stillborn. All she has left of her son is ashes in an urn. 


(Image: Facebook)

When she was leaving the hospital, her milk started to come in. That's when she and her husband decided to begin pumping and donate the milk to babies in need. 

"Even though I cannot personally breastfeed my own son, I wanted to do something in his name… I want to turn something tragic into something good,” Ms Cruz-Chan told Nine News.

Turning to social media, Wendy has now donated more than 60 Litres of milk to countless children in need. 

"Through donating, it gave me a purpose," Cruz-Chan explained. "It helped me not be in such a deep depression"

Three months down the track Wendy has posted heartfelt words on Facebook saying ‘All in the memory of my angel baby Killian. A mother's love holds no boundaries.’

Watch the video above for the full story.

Source: Nine News

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