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Mother Defends Breastfeeding Stranger's Baby

A mother’s Facebook account has been suspended after she posted a photo of herself breastfeeding a stranger’s child. Rebecca Wanosik said she was approached by a friend to breast feed another friend’s baby, as the mother had been hospitalised and the baby wouldn’t take to the bottle.

Wanosik kindly accepted and shared a photo to Facebook of her tandem feeding her own child and her new friend’s. She was shocked to learn that her kind gesture resulted in her being banned on Facebook.  

"When the baby arrived you could tell she was hungry and exhausted and just needed some milk. I did what I hope any person would do for my child in a time of despair," she wrote on Facebook.

"I fed a stranger's baby. I was so surprised by just how many people thought was weird, or unnatural. They are boobs, they are meant to feed babies. Also, in case anyone forgot, they are mine, so I'm fairly certain I choose what happens with them," she posted of the experience," she continued. 

While many have come forward to praise the mother’s kindness, others attempted to flag the photo, which was reposted, as inappropriate.

While it might sound strange, the concept of wet nursing has been around for hundreds of years.  Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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