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Love Your Sister's Connie Johnson Reveals Heartbreaking News

For more than a quarter of her life, Connie Johnson has battled the cancers that have slowly taken over her body.

At the age of 11 it was bone cancer.

At 22, a tumour in her womb.

Since 2010 it’s been breast cancer. Now it’s spread to her liver.

From the chemotherapy to radiation and a double mastectomy, she’s fought against it every step of the way.

But the 40-year-old says she has decided it is now time to stop.

Talking to The Canberra Times, the mum of two revealed that the years of treatments has taken its toll on her body and is no longer helping.

Even worse, the side effects have just further added to her distress.

In her own words, it’s a “gamer changer”.

“I asked what to expect and at some point the tumours will grow back and grow bigger and I'll go into liver failure and I'll sleep a lot,” she explained.

“Apparently it's quite peaceful.”

However, she isn’t about to go quietly.

After years of raising funds and awareness with brother, Samuel Johnson, for Love Your Sister, Connie plans to raise another $1 million this May for breast cancer.

As part of The Big Heart Project, she’s been collecting five cent coins which will be used to create a giant heart in Canberra.

Add that to the $2 million for cancer research the siblings have already raised and you have to admit Connie truly is a fighter.

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