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Here’s A Really Good Reason To ALWAYS Steal Hotel Soaps

If you’ve ever raided the toiletries from your hotel bathroom to stash away for later, don’t feel guilty. 

It turns out filling our suitcases with shampoos, soaps and creams is actually helping the environment… well kind of.  

You see, the millions of half-used soap and shampoo bottles are sent to landfill which is contributing to a growing environmental problem.

Sadly, the millions of products going to waste are desperately needed in some of the world’s poorest area, for people who lack access to proper sanitation.

But the people at Clean the World are hoping to fix this by collecting the leftover products and distributing them for free to people who need them.

It’s already working with 300 hotels on board. The group has been up and running since 2009 and provided 40 million bars of soap to millions of families around the world.


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