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New Breast Cancer Campaign Tackles Awareness & Censorship

A new social media campaign targeting breast cancer awareness has been launched, with a dual purpose of highlighting social media censorship of the issue.

The new campaign, called 'Everybody Loves Boobs', was launched by breast cancer support movement 'Macma', an Argentinian based organisation.

In Australia, in 2014 there were 2,844 deaths from breast cancer, predominantly females). In 2017, it is estimated that this will increase to 3,114 deaths, according to Cancer Australia, out of a total of 17,586 new cases diagnosed this year.

The video starts off with the message that "social media keeps banning nipples even for breast cancer awareness, it's time to speak louder than censorship."

The video then continues with it's quirky format, (you'll have to watch at top to see!) before delivering it's serious message about breast cancer, but in a light-hearted and shareable way.

Watch at top to see how they've tackled this important awareness issue on social platforms that would normally not allow it.

In Australia, you can donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking here.

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