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Doctors Are Urging Parents To Keep Their Kid’s Baby Teeth

I don't know about everyone else but I have one very distinct memory when it comes to baby teeth.

I remember my friend showing me a jewellry box that her mum kept on her dresser. My imagination went crazy with images of the jewellery that might be kept inside...

...Only for her to open it and reveal a pile of her baby teeth!

I thought her parents were insane! (and of course I wondered what the tooth fairy had been taking instead of their teeth) But maybe they were just ahead of the times.

What am I on about, do you ask? I promise I have a point.

Apparently doctors are now urging parents to KEEP their children's baby teeth. And it's for a VERY important reason.

It has been reported that baby teeth could come in handy if a person ever needs treatment to regenerate cells, as they are an extremely rich source of stem cells!

But, in order for this lifesaving technique to actually work, the teeth need to be kept in impeccable condition because stem cells can deteriorate over time.

Apparently, the best way to store a tooth, is to invest in a 'Store-A-Tooth' preservation container, which basically is a cryopreservation vault that submerges the teeth in liquid nitrogen.

The teeth need to be placed in storage pretty much straight away and can stay there for years on end.

That way if the person becomes ill, they have healthy stem cells ready to go!

So I guess this means that my friend's jewellery box storage system was probably not the best idea after all...but the thought behind it was there!

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