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You Can Now Drink Wine Without The Worry Of A Hangover

The winner of 2018 has already been found and we're only ten days in! 

Developer James Kornacki has won our coveted prize for creating a ‘revolutionary purification’ product, named Ullo (pronounced ‘oo-lo’) that "restores the natural taste of wine with Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter technology".

Basically, this genius product, takes out the chemicals which give you the heinous headache, leaving only the dreamy flavour and #goodtimes.

A wine drinker can place the gadget on top of their wine glass and a filter made from food grade polymer then removes sulphites in wine as it is poured – returning the wine to its ‘natural state’.

The genius developer started a crowdfunding mission via kickstarter and has raised upwards from $300,000 via crowdfunding. More than 2,000 investors signed up... and now we have access to this $79.99 lifesaver.

Check out their website to pick up one of your own.

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