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You Won't Believe What Happened To A Sushi Lover

A little girl has had a 2.6 metre tapeworm removed from her body after consuming contaminated sushi. Reports claim the tapeworm had been alive for up to a month inside the little girl. 

It's understood the child often dined at sushi restaurants in Taipei. Her parents realised something was wrong when she started complaining of an itchy rectum, the Mail Online reports.

While tapeworm infections are rare, they can be contracted from eating raw, contaminated fish, beef or even pork.

The fish becomes infected with the worms in its larva stage and when eaten raw the worm can pass into the human. The particular tapeworm found inside the little girl is believed to a diphyllobothrium latum, which is the largest of its kind. 

The parasite was removed from the little girl and she is recovering in hospital. 

While doctors warn against the consumption of raw food, they say the majority of people who eat sushi are fine. They also warn to make sure you purchase your sushi from a reputable place. 

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