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VEGEMITE Cheese Pies Are A Real Thing And They’re Delicious

Well, it doesn't really get more aussie than this...

Four'N Twenty are launching a new pie. And the flavour? Vegemite and Cheese!

Don't worry, this one doesn't come without a huge heaping of classic beef mince filling. In fact, it's very similar to the classic Four'n Twenty pies, just with added cheese and a vegemite gravy!

Bloody oath mate!

Women's AFL players Tayla Harris and Daisy Pearce are the faces behind the launch of the new pie, with Daisy saying, "My two favourite foods have finally come together."

Hmm if it's anything like vegemite and cheese on toast then it should be our cup of tea!

The pies will be available on Monday from Coles. But they'll only be down under for a limited time only!

What's next? Kangaroo pie? Crocodile pie?

You just gotta love these true blue Aussie inventions.

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