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This Is By FAR The Best Cheese Board Hack We Have EVER Seen

If you’re like anyone else in the world, no doubt you enjoy breaking out the brie and crackers and sipping on some wine.

You’re not alone - it’s pretty much one of the most delightful things ever.

As you get older, and your tastes begin to develop, you may discover something that traditionally older people REALLY enjoy teaming with their cheese: quince paste.

The fruity paste teams with most cheeses like an absolute dream and adds another whole dimension to the humble cheese and cracker.

BUT, quince paste is traditionally not the cheapest, and if you’re buying it along with your brie and other fancy cheeses, it can really burn a hole in your pocket.

A solution I’ve found, is to use a dollop of jam, like Bonne Maman Fig Conserve in PLACE of a quince paste.


Not only is it flippin’ delicious, it lasts in the fridge like any other jam or conserve, instead of going crusty and old like an opened quince paste you haven’t finished.

The jars retail for around $5-$6 each, and I’m guessing there’d be more than enough to accompany around 20 15 cheese platters - so you do the math! By the way, you’re totally welcome.

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