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This Guacamole Hack Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

It doesn’t happen all the time, but occasionally, daytime talk shows can change your life.

This is one of those times.

‘What the Hack?’ is a segment on the Live With Kelly program (Kelly being Kelly Ripa) which showcases clever ways of tackling everyday nuisances.

But this particular hack was Kelly’s own. And, just quietly, it’s freakin’ genius.

And it involves guacamole.

She doesn’t keep her guacamole in an airtight container or cover it with cling film – she uses water.

I know, our first thought was, ‘Oh hell no’.

But we’re always down to hear a hack.

"You know how it gets brown on the top and you’re like, scraping it off? Make your guacamole and top it with a half an inch of water," Kelly said.


"I know it sounds crazy, but you put it in the fridge, and it prevents oxygen from entering and browning. The water won’t soak in, you can just dump it off the top."


It sounds a little gross at first, but while no one wants soggy corn chips, no one wants brown guac either.

So it may just be worth a try.

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