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Someone Has Made Prosecco Donuts And We Want Some NOW

As we're sure you've already marked down in your calander, National Prosecco Day is happening on August 13 (why isn't this a public holiday?!?) and to celebrate Ruffino wines have hooked up with The Doughnut Project (is this the ultimate dream team?) to create...Prosecco Donuts!



So instead of having to raise a glass you can now chow down on these delicious, boozy donuts instead!

The Doughnut Project owners Leslie Polizzotto and Troy Neal say:

"For the past two years we have been perfecting our recipes, craft and vision" 

"We are very excited to partner with Ruffino to create the Prosecco Doughnut for National Prosecco Day."

If you look closely at the donuts you can see they've actually sprinkled them with edible gold leaf and pink glitter!

The only bad news is that they are only available at The Doughnut Project in New York, maybe some forward thinking bakeries in Australia might whip some up as well?

Fingers crossed! 


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