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People Selling KitKat Gold On eBay At FOUR TIMES The Price

Savvy or scandalous shoppers (depending on your point of view) are reselling the limited-edition KitKat Gold on eBay for crazy money.

Selling at $4.50 at supermarket stores, people are trying to re-sell the 170g chocolates, from $15 or more, over three times the original price.


One seller has even listed a bundle deal for $104.99, including three KitKat Gold and three discontinued Cadbury Caramilk.


Woolworths currently has KitKat Gold on special for half price $2.25 which has seen some shoppers stock up and then then try to re-sell.

And it's not just KitKat that's doing the rounds on eBay.

Earlier this year, someone put the discontinued Cadbury Caramilk on eBay for a staggering $1,000. 

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