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McDonalds Made A Fork Out Of French Fries

Whether you love or hate their food, you must admit, the chain's latest marketing campaign for its new Signature Crafted Recipe is hilarious. 

The fast-food giant released an infomercial using Anthony Sullivan to introduce it's latest invention the 'frork.' The fork shaped utensil has fries for its prongs and is used to scoop toppings that drop on the tray table to ensure you don't miss any morsel of your meal... yummy.... 

The clip has been viewed over a million times online. McDonalds has even released its own own website for the fork explaining to customers how to use it. 

The website states: A limited supply of Frorks will be available with the purchase of a Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich on May 5 at participating restaurants. These sandwiches sell for between $4.99 and $5.19.


Courtesy: McDonalds. 

We're guessing McDonald's buffs will be queuing for days to get their hands on these...  

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