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Legendary Sundae For One Is Made With 22 SCOOPS Of Ice Cream

All those sweet tooths out there, get ready for you mouth to drool because this epic sundae looks so INCREDIBLE you almost don't want to eat it!

Just kidding of course you want to eat it. But you'd probably take a few snaps for instagram and snapchat first, because necessary.

This dessert whopper is made with, wait for it, 22 scoops of ice cream! Enough to give you a brain freeze for a week!

And you can get it in different variations with other sweet treats like marshmallows, waffles, strawberries and cake added into the monstrous sundae.

This treat is a specialty at MO & MOSHI in Bangkok, Thailand, where locals and tourists go nuts for the ice-cream overload.

I need one of these on the ASAP! But just one spoon please...there's no such thing as too much ice cream.

Check out how they make the masterpiece in the video above!

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