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Is This The Worst Peppa Pig Cake Fail Ever?

Imagine planning a magical birthday party for your two year old daughter. 

Everything is perfectly in place - themed for her favourite show - Peppa Pig.

All that is left to pick up a personalised Peppa Pig birthday cake... 


Then you open to box to see this instead: 


Turns out someone at the bakery took the request too literally of superimposing 'this' image onto the cake. 

Instead of printing out the one image that was uploaded to the USB, they instead printed a photo of the USB stick onto the icing. 

Thankfully they were able to rectify the situation, printing out the correct image and adding it on top of the cake, but we would have loved to see their faces when they opened the cake box.

Or the sheepish face of the employee that made the mistake. 

We're sure Layla still loved her party and her Peppa Pig cake!

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