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Introducing The CRAZY Cadbury Chocolate Flavours For 2016!

Kale Creme, Wasabi Crunch and Beetroot Kelly are among some of the 'innovative flavours' cadbury are set to release in 2016. 

The company are introducing these flavours to mark the centenary of the iconic chocolate collection. 

Kale Creme is for those with savoury preferences, Beetroot crunch is for the superfoodies and Wasabi Crunch is designed to capitalise on the 'popularity of asian flavours'. 

Chocolate Inventor Dave Shepard said the new flavours are part of the trend for 'innovation and experimentation' which has led to the development of things like the Marvellous Creation bars in the past few years. 

"We like to thing of it as akin to the fashion catwalk - we're experimenting with ideas that won't actually appear on the selves. Instead you may see new flavours inspired by these further down the line. This reflects how we're always innovating to create the best possible products for our consumers, developing hundreds of flavours before selecting the winning few".

While the flavours aren't on the market yet, they are set to form the basis for future flavours in the ever-changing roster that has seen flavours like Nut Crunch and Lime Cordial added. 

In 2015, Salted Caramel, Apple Crunch and Truffle Heart were invented and Cadbury Australia also experimented with a Vegemite version! 

Source: News.com.au

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