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Ice-Cream Stuffed Glazed Doughnuts Exist And We Can't Deal

Okay we're very sorry to bring ANOTHER delicious new treat to your attention, but not that sorry because these look fricken' amazing!

Besides, it is winter and no one will really notice if we splurge on the desserts for a while...that's what we tell ourselves anyway.

Okay so here's everything you need to know about what will be your new favourite dessert item...It's an ice cream stuffed glazed doughnut and need we say anymore?

Feast your eyes on this bad boy!

The treat known as Halo (as in it was sent to us by a legit angel...) was created by Chef Barb at 'B Sweet Dessert Bar' in Los Angeles, California.

Picture a huge scoop of your favourite ice cream flavour stuffed inside a krispy kreme style doughnut, which the creator has described as "hot on the outside, cold on the inside and yummy all over."

And unlike those bastards that tried to charge an absurd amount of money for a spoonful of Nutella (Melbourne hipsters we're talking to you) this amazing creation won't cost you too much moolah, coming in at around $5 per sandwich.

And the good news doesn't stop there. Don't go thinking this doughnut is stuffed with just plain old vanilla ice cream (it's worthy of much more than that) as you can choose from rocky road, ube and chocolate malted crunch flavours.

Of course we're completely guttered that this sweet treats store is located in LA, because literally need to get my hands on one of these RIGHT NOW!

Hint Hint Krispy Kreme, get working on it now! Taaaa.

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