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Flight Attendant Captured Pouring Drink Back Into Bottle

Video has shot straight to the front page of Reddit on Friday morning of an Emirates flight attendant seemingly pouring an unused glass of bubbles back into the bottle.

About three flutes of sparkling wine and what seems to be two glasses of rosé can be seen on the tray in front of the flight attendant.

As the video pans the plane’s cabin, she can be seen in the service galley, pouring the contents of a champagne flute into what appears to be a champagne bottle.

“My guess is that she poured a bunch of flutes, then made her rounds offering them to passengers. Then poured the unclaimed back into the bottle,” was the top comment on the Reddit thread.

“Seems like a great way to help it go flat,” another replied.

“As if that matters at 33,000ft,” deadpanned another.

The internet worked out it was likely that the flight attendants had just finished serving the pre-flight drinks to the business class customers as the Emirates’ safety video was playing.

It was also pointed out that it's against regulations to serve it to customers after pouring it back into the bottle, and while we certainly hope this is the case, but geez, for an airline which prides itself on image, it’s not a great look.

Emirates has been contacted for comment.

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