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Five VILE Food Ingredients You Didn’t Know You Were Eating

We apologise if you're reading this while eating. These five ingredients might be in your next bite of food and it's enough to make you gag! 

Brace yourself...


Powdered Cellulose’ is an ingredient that's made from plant fibres and minuscule pieces of wood pulp.  This gag-worthy ingredient is sometimes used to make some low-fat ice-creams creamier. It can also be found in parmesan cheese – the fibres coat the cheese and keep it from clumping by blocking out moisture.

Hot tip: next time you’re buying parmesan cheese be sure to check that it’s labelled ‘Parmigiano-Reggiano’ – this stuff is PULP free.

insect parts

According to LiveScience, this buggy ingredient is listed as Carmine. It's red food colouring that comes from boiled cochineal bugs, a type of beetle. These insects are mostly used in ice cream, candy, lemonade and grapefruit juice and have been known to cause severe allergic reactions in some people.



Technically you're not 'eating' this but you're certainly consuming it. Ever wondered why vegans can only drink certain types of alcohol? It's because some contain 'Isinglass'. This is a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is a form of collagen used mainly for the clarification of some beer and wine. 



Next time you buy bread or bagels, take a look at the ingredients description. When you see L-Cysteine on the label, know it’s an amino acid derived from hair or feathers. This brings the complaint 'there's hair in my food' to a whole new level.



Masked as 'Castoreum' - this is a liquid found in castor sac scent glands near a beaver’s anus. We're not kidding. This liquid is often found in strawberry, raspberry or vanilla flavouring in some candy, gum, gelatin, and pudding.

Dessert anyone? 

What's the grossest ingredient you've ever eaten?

Source: Distractify

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