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Coles Rolls Out "Quiet Hour" For Autistic Shoppers

Coles have officially instated a weekly 'quiet hour' in their stores to help people with Autism while grocery shopping. 

The 10:30-11:30am hour each Tuesday will see stores switch off the radio, dim the lighting by 50% and dull the register volume. 

PA announcements will also only be made in emergencies. 

Meanwhile, the trolley collection will not be made during that hour. 

The initiative hopes to help those who are sensitive to heightened sensory environments. 

The move comes after extensive trials in Victoria, which were all well received. 

"People on the autism spectrum often have difficulty processing sensory information and can find sounds, light, smell, touch and taste overwhelming," Aspect's Linzi Coyle told Fairfax.

"Together with Coles, we're achieving a 'no-judgment' shopping space where people on the spectrum and their families can feel comfortable and welcome whilst grocery shopping."

The stores that will abide by the Coles "Quiet Hour" in Queensland are as follows: 

Cairns Central
Kippa Ring
Everton Park
Rockhampton South
Townsville Annandale
Mt Gravatt

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