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Chocolate Crumpets Are Now A Real, Magical THING

If in winter time you love nothing more than a deliciously golden crumpet covered in honey, then you’re certainly not alone.

However, London bakery, Knead, have taken the winter right of passage one step further, making it a chocolate lovers’ dream.

Chocolate crumpets are now a real and wonderful thing, and have been in London for around a year - and they feature 70 per cent cocoa powder.

Like, YUM!

The BEST bit?

Toasting these beauties results in a gooey, brownie-like treat that’s decadent AF.

Smearing some whipped maple butter on that is just the epitome of indulgence, and what Knead recommend.

They also do RED VELVET crumpets, in case straight chocolate doesn’t tickle your pickle…


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