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Your Guide To Surviving The Plastic Bag Ban

From July 1, Queensland will ban single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags from all retailers in an attempt to tackle plastic pollution.

Close to one billion of these plastic shopping bags are used by Queenslanders each year, with around 16 million ending up in our beautiful environment.

So, what does this mean for Queensland families?

What’s Banned?


The Queensland ban includes compostable, degradable and biodegradable single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags less than 35 microns. These are the plastic shopping bags most commonly received with groceries, takeaways and other everyday purchases.


Try lining your bin with newspaper.

- Try using biodegradable bags or re-using cardboard boxes to carry your groceries

- Use composting bins to dispose of wet waste

- Use a box to carry your groceries and to put your rubbish in.

- Buy in bulk

- Learn what you can recycle, and always separate your rubbish

Head to www.qld.gov.au/plasticbagban for more information about the Queensland Government’s plastic bag ban.

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