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You Can Now Get Microwavable Slippers

If you’re one of those people who are always cold despite how many heater/blankets/clothes you put on, we have some good news that could mean you will never even feel a slight shiver again.

Two words: Microwavable Slippers.

Yes, heated boots are now a legit thing and they are as good as they sound, if not better!

The furry slipper boots are 100% microwavable, which means your tootsies will stay toasty all winter long. 

All you have to do is pop them in for 2 minutes, and voilà!


And as if that wasn’t already the most genius thing you have ever heard of, the heavenly shoes also omit a therapeutic lavender scent to help you relax.

Dreams really do come true…

Better yet, they will only set you back around $22 from Firebox!

And on that note, I am wearing mine everywhere I go… In fact, I’m never taking them off!

Source: OMGFacts

Images: Firebox

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