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We're Planning Multiple Trips To ALDI This Week

Oh ALDI, how we do love your special buys

And it seems this week we may have to pay the discount supermarket a visit both on Wednesday and Saturday because the sales are amaze!


What we can't decide on is which is better - the sale on kids clothes and shoes (rose gold hi tops anyone?) or the feeling of wanderlust we get while looking over all the travel accessories!


And the prices are even better. 


Take a look over the full range on offer. 

We're thinking the noise cancelling headphones ($39) could be a godsend, alongside the lightweight suitcases on offer.


And for those of us lucky enough to have small feet, we might have to pick up a pair of sneakers for our kids... and ourselves! For $12.99 you can't go wrong! 

See you at the local Aldi! 


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