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Warning to Pet Owners After Dog Dies Eating a Common Food

A dog has sadly passed away after having it’s insides ripped to shreds when it ate a corn on the cob.

The owner was unaware the two-year-old dog had ate the corn while on a walk.

The owner said; ‘(she) must have eaten the corn on the cob while we were out on walkies. She was fine until one week later when she began violently vomiting at home.

‘Both myself and husband, Johnny, 42, first thought she had been poisoned. The vets told us they could feel something hard in her stomach and prepared to operate.

‘But unbeknownst to us, the core of a cob had travelled through her intestines like a cheese grater. And despite their best efforts, she started to bleed and died later that day.

‘We were left heartbroken and it wasn’t until last week that we found out it was due to a lodged cob.

‘We had to pay extra for a toxicology report but I’m so thankful we now know her cause of death so we can warn other owners.’

Source: Metro UK

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