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The Not-So-Well-Known Facts About IKEA

Employees at the home of meatballs, tiny pencils and cheap flat packs which have the capability of ending marriages – yes, IKEA – have spilled the beans about the company’s secrets.

Secret Short Cuts

OK, OK. We already know that the store hopes you stick to the natural one-way path, you can take one of the multiple quicker routes through the stores. But this isn’t new. However, there are doors and entranceways in the walls that anyone can use.

One worker Paula told Mental Floss: “If you know where to look, you’ll find them.

“Nobody’s going to stop you unless it explicitly says ‘employees only,’ but other than that you can open any door. I love IKEA, but sometimes you just need to get in and out in like 20 minutes.”

But the displays change all the time, so don’t get used to them always being in the same place.

The ‘Bulla Bulla’ Method

IKEA is relentless using this method.

It’s when you display items in big volumes, therefore they seem inexpensive, like overfilling a container with stuffed animals... or silicone ice trays, or fricken tea lights.

The amount of them gives the customer the illusion of making a smart purchase.


Pinterest Drives Sales

If you have a popular item from IKEA pinned on one of your boards, you might want to go buy it ASAP. Paula says whenever an item starts to trend on Pinterest, they sell out very quickly.

Sleeping On The Furniture

You are allowed to touch and test all the items, which means that you can take a quick nap if you need to. According to IKEA spokesman Josefin Thorell, they want customers to feel at home in their stores, and to hopefully fall in love with that mattress so much that they sell a few extra.

But, while you’re allowed to, doesn’t mean you should. Employee Jana say that bedding, such as pillow cases, are only changed when they’re visibly dirty.

    They’re Trained To Not Offer Help

    "You were supposed to only help customers if they asked you for it," says Rob, a former employee. Apparently, it’s the Scandinavian way of how stores work.

    This also applies to the warehouse section, where you will be expected to find and lift your own items - unless it's clear you need help.

    About Those Books On The Shelves…

    IKEA needs a lot of books to fill all those PAX shelves to make their displays look lived-in, so they turn to their employees.

    But there are guidelines. Like the books must match the colour scheme of the display and you won’t find a copy of 50 Shades, because they can’t use anything racy.

    Product Names Have More Meaning Than You Think

    Each name of every product falls within a theme. Bookcases take on the name of occupations, bathroom items are named after Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays and fabrics and curtains are women's names.

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