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How A Stranger Shockingly Shamed A Mum Of A Child With Dummy

A mother has been left stunned after a stranger plucked a dummy out of her two-year-old son's mouth, telling her she was a poor parent for giving it to him.

Corissa Rieschieck popped the dummy in her son's mouth after he had a tantrum while shopping at Woolworths.

Minutes later, an older woman approached the mother and son, promptly plucked the dummy out of the boy's mouth and scolded Corissa saying the child 'doesn't need it' and that she shouldn’t be so bad a parent as to give it to him.

The stranger's jaw-dropping behaviour didn't stop there; she then walked off with the boy's dummy before returning to shame her further.


"I’m not sure if it was the silence, the lack of any response, or the need to belittle me further that had her turning back, but just as suddenly she was approaching me again, and her scolding recommenced. This time, it was along the lines of ‘what kind of parent did I think I was to be using a dummy’ and ‘I should know better, it’s no wonder he screams’." Corrisa said.

The horrified mother responded by simply putting the dummy back in her son's mouth.

The mother has asked ‘Why do people feel the need to comment on the way those around them parent? Do they not remember how hard being a parent is? Have they never experienced moments of doing something as a parent just to get through?’

See Corissa's full account of the story via her blog HERE

What would you have done in this situation?

Source: New IdeaCorissa Rieschieck Blog

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