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Aussie Single Dad Banned From Helping His Child At Concert

When Michael Ray, 54, discovered he would not be able to help his four-year-old daughter backstage at her dance concert, he was left feeling understandably upset.

The dad, who has been sole carer of his daughter, Charlie, for two years, just wanted to help his little girl get ready for her performance at Melbourne's Parkwood Dance Academy.

He was unable to help because he wasn't allowed backstage in the dressing room. Guidelines for the concert said, “no males are permitted into the dressing room at any time”.

The rules governing the concert also single out mothers for inclusion but make no mention of fathers.

Mr Ray, standing up for all the single father's out there, took a stand.

In an email to the school - obtained by the Herald Sun - he noted: “I’m not sure if you’re aware of our situation but it’s just Charlie and I in our wonderful little family with Charlie having had no contact with her mother for over two years”.

He also noted the ban meant Charlie “would be the only child without the opportunity to share their excitement and nervousness with a parent”.

We're pleased to report that the school lifted the ban.

Mr Ray told The Herald Sun he was relieved and grateful that the academy staff listened.

The single father said an “unconscious bias” operated towards him as a father.

“I sometimes feel a little paranoid taking her to the toilets in the shopping centre or taking photos of her,” he said.

But such attitudes had not taken the shine off fatherhood. “It means everything to me to be this little kid’s dad. I’ve never been so proud or happy since she came along,” he said.

Well done to Michael, for sticking up for all the single father's out there.

Loving dad's are no one's enemy!

Source: The Herald Sun  

Main Image: Michael Ray courtesy of New Idea

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