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Our Fave Wifi Names Will Make Yours Seem Wildly Inadequate

Most of us just keep the wifi username we’re issued with, but far out, if you’ve ever scrolled through your wifi settings and checked out what others have renamed theirs, it can be a heckin’ comedy show.

Here are some of our faves, and the best thing is, you can rename yours whenever you like!







There were also these ones... 

Pretty Fly For A Wifi 

The Wifi Always Wanted

Tell My Wifi Love Her

Titanic Syncing

IP When I Sneeze

Access Denied

Winternet Is Coming

LAN Down Under

Wi Believe I Can Fi

Wham Bam Thank You LAN

Peter Stop Using Our Internet

Mum Use This One

Moe’s Tavern

Or as one commenter on Reddit recently said, he changed his to 'McDonaldsFREEWIFI' and his mates would always say 'Wow, that stretches a pretty long way'. 

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