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Kmart Under Fire From Angry Mums Following Confrontation

Kmart is under fire from angry mums after a breastfeeding mother was asked to cover up or leave.

The woman was told it was against store policy for women to breastfeed as it was “offensive” to other customers, reports Newscorp.

Taking to social media, the Cairns mum thanked other women for their support following the confrontation, admitting she had been left “pretty upset” by the incident.

One of those witnesses told of her shock at what happened.

“The young woman who was breastfeeding her child, she had a green cotton wrap draped over her shoulder and no breasts were visible,” she said.

“The employee of Kmart told her that it was against policy to breastfeed in store as it was offensive. Those were his exact words.”

Kmart has apologised for the incident and said there was no such policy in it's stores.

They said they will be working with the team involved to ensure it didn't happen again.

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