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Is This Best DIY Kmart & Bunnings Crossover Hack For Kids?

When you belong to a stack of ‘hack’ groups on Facebook, sometimes you think you’ve seen it all.

Then a post pops up that blows everyone’s mind.

Right now, this is one project that is going bananas on the ‘kmart mums australia!!!’ (yes, three exclamation points) group, and it’s perfect for winter.


Measuring 7.8-foot-long by 4-foot-wide, this massive ball pit cost “just under $400” and all the materials were either from Kmart or Bunnings.

Kmart - pool noodles, balls and slide.

Bunnings – plastic mesh, zip ties, 1-inch PVC pipes and fittings


The poster said the pit is just under a metre high and she bought everything in small increments over time.

“I didn't buy everything at once,” she said.

“I grabbed a couple bags of balls of or pools noodles each time I went to Kmart."


And one of the reasons this particular design works well? If you take the balls out and tip it over, chuck a blanket over the top and BAM: cubby house. 

So really, it's kinda perfect for kiddos of all ages.

If you’re keen to give this a go, the tutorial she used can be found HERE.

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