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If Your Child Owns This Doll You Should Be Worried

While she looks innocent enough, if your child owns this doll you probably should be worried.

The My Friend Cayla doll has been banned in Germany with the government advising parents to destroy the toy.


Why we hear you asking?

There are real fears hackers can use an unsecured Bluetooth device inside the toy to both listen and talk to children.

In Germany it’s been labelled a “concealed surveillance device” with the doll able to connect to the internet to search for information and questions asked by the child.

While the doll’s German distributor is disputing the ruling, it’s a concern that has been upheld by a number of tech sites around the web.

The doll is available for sale in Australia, with Target selling them for just $15 in its clearance items.


In its description of the product, they assure parents there are multiple safeguards in place to make her internet safe.

“Sync her with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and she’ll use speech-to-text technology to look up answers online and speak them back to you,” they explain.

“There’s a pre-defined list of `bad words’ and topics which Cayla will not talk about.”

Whether that stands if a determined hacker is involved, is another matter altogether.

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