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Good News For All Those Suffering From The Mozzie Plague!

We have some good news for all those who have been harassed by mosquitoes over the past week.

Brisbane City Council has announced they plan to undertake aerial treatments today following what seems like a plague of mosquitoes taking over the city.

From 7am Tuesday, aerial treatments began from Tinchi Tamba Wetlands, working south throughout the day.

In the summer, the council’s aerial program to control mosquitoes is done every 16 days in line with the mosquito breeding cycle which is controlled by monthly tide cycles.

The program targets mosquito eggs which lay on the surface of water, damp ground, vegetation at the edge of a water hole and other damp ‘container’ edges such as tree holes, tyres and rainwater tanks.

Households experiencing mosquito problems are being advised to check such containers and emptying them of water.

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