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We Know When The New Costco Opens And It's SOON!

It's official! A new Costco is coming to South-East Brisbane... and SOON! 

Doors official open on the 2nd of May at 8am, with a range of special offers happening in the first week. 

The new warehouse includes a Costco fuel station, tyre centre, optical centre, hearing aid centre and food court. 

It is ready for the peak hour rush with 825 allocated car parking spaces too. 

Of course as with other Costco stores, membership is required - $55 for businesses and $60 annually for individuals. 

Coupons will be handed out for deals on everyday essentials, while there will also be exclusive 'wow' items up for grabs (unique / high end items) exclusively available for members. 

So get ready for some major bulk buying and cheap deals! And make sure your Costco membership is up to date. 

The store is located at 1 Wood St Bundamba in Ipswich. 

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