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An Islamic Hub Has Been Approved In Brisbane

Brisbane City Council have prevented the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) in Durak from becoming an 'Islamic hub', by restricting the site to education only.

New classrooms, student boarding facilities and a preschool childcare centre have all been approved, as was a place of worship to be used by students and community, according to the Courier Mail.

“These decisions are made without discrimination on the basis of race or religion, it’s been made entirely on planning grounds,” Julian Simmonds, City Planning Chairman said in an interview.

“It will also ensure the community’s concerns are respected that this site remain for school and education purposes,” he said.

According to Simmonds, the community had been concerned by the proposal with over 2200signatures submissions against the development.

The AIIC has been notified of the decision and could make an appeal to the Planning and Environment Court.

(Image courtesy of the Courier Mail)

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