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Still Life - Reanimating the Inanimate

Still Life: Reanimating the inanimate is an exhibition which revisits the still life tradition. This exhibition observes how contemporary artists negotiate relationships between stillness and movement and interactions between objects and people.

Exhibiting artists include Jonathon Crowther, Donna Davis, Simon Degroot, Marian Drew, Robert Fenton, Peta Houghton, Stevan Jacks, Sam Leach, Cate Maddy, Sylvia McEwan, Deb Mostert, Laurie Mossuto, Gywn Hanssen Piggot, Victoria Reichelt, George Rowbottom, Emma Theyers, Seabastion Toast and Clare Toms.

Still life painting - alongside portrait and landscape - is one of the best known and loved of all painting genres. Still life: Reanimating the inanimate celebrates the perseverance of the still life and its ever-relevant concern with human existence.

These contemporary artists revisit the heart of the tradition, exploring ideas of stillness and movement, and the interactions between objects and people.

All draw on historical art influences and expand on them with new media and new meaning.

The beauty of still life is that it captures the perishable, the fragile, and the transient. Whether depicting vibrant flowers, or a humble strand of Blu-tac, the works elevate their subject matter from its limited life span to become something that could outlive us all.

Despite the inherent stillness that they share with their historic counterparts, these contemporary works show us that the genre itself is not static.

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