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Paper Angels Christmas Card Workshops

October 15th is Infant Loss and Remembrance Day. This date is significant to the Paper Angels because their annual Christmas Card Workshops 

The Angel boxes contain all the equipment the staff at the Mater will need to create special personal name cards for both the 'angel' babies as well as for babies in the special and intensive care areas.

Paper Angels have made decorative name cards in gold - all the nursing staff will need to do is use the alphabet stamps to stamp the baby's name in gold ink onto the white strip which will be adhered to the card.

Another box contains all the materials the nursing staff will need to create footprint cards for the 'angel' babies.

For parents who sadly do not get to take their baby home, these footprints are very special. The cards have been designed to fit within the memory books provided to the parents.

Again, the complete backing card has been made by the Paper Angels, with the nursing staff then stamping the little baby's footprint onto white card which is then adhered to the backing card.

The Paper Angels will work throughout the year to continue to supply the completed cards and ensure any consumables, such as adhesive, are kept fully stocked in the Angel Boxes.

There are other hospitals in need of these resources, and so it is important to keep this program going.

If you would like to help the Paper Angels create these special cards or hear about our events that support providing the materials needed, please contact Paper Angels by email letscreatebystamping@apt.net.au Or call Felicity on 0466 519915

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